Services Offered

Custom Compound Synthesis

We offer drug-like or Lead-like compounds (heterocyclic/organic/peptide) that are not commercially available at milligram to kilograms scale. Mail us your required structure / IUPAC name / SMILES / CAS number and we will get back to you with quotation and details as early as possible. The majority of our synthetic projects are focused on synthesizing novel Custom Compounds, intermediates and APIs for the pharmaceutical industry.

Metabolites and Impurities

For the evaluation of the complete pharmacological activity profile of a pharmaceutically active compound, identification and synthesis of metabolites and impurities are often required. In case of identification issues, K-Mark gladly offers assistance to clarify the matter. Impurity characterization is one of our specialties and we achieve this with the expertise of our high quality analytical department and our understanding of complex NMR studies. We can supply your choice of metabolites based on your requirements. Custom compound synthesis is our main competency. So, if the identity of the compound is already determined, we are more than happy to carry out the synthesis of impurities and metabolites, as well as their stable isotope labelled compounds.

Process Research and Scale up

Our dedicated experts are involved in the development of scalable and cost effective synthetic routes for the construction of targeted molecules. Custom synthesis is their area of expertise and this provides the impetus to modify and improve existing synthetic routes. They are also involved in other aspects such as increasing yields by a change of solvents, reagents or work-up procedures, reducing catalyst loadings, replacing chromatography by scalable crystallizations, telescoping of steps or designing improved synthetic routes in general. Their knowledge of asymmetric synthesis and chiral resolution is particularly effective in the synthesis of a chiral compound. Numerous synthetic routes and advanced procedures by K-Mark have been transferred to our clients for further scale up and compound synthesis.

Reaction Intermediates

We supply reaction intermediates for synthetic heterocyclic/organic/peptide chemistry and our major intermediates include one of its kind which is not found in any major catalogues.

Stable Isotope Labelled Compounds

K-Mark offers high-quality custom compound synthesis of stable isotope labelled compounds. We have multi step synthetic experts who can incorporate isotopes like carbon-13, deuterium and nitrogen-15 to various biologically active compounds. We can provide radio labelled compounds that will contribute to your medicinal chemistry research, helping you understand metabolic processes or the influence of impurities. Furthermore, we can synthesize both novel and known positron emission tomography (PET) precursors for the execution of clinical and pharmaceutical studies and trials. The molecules we synthesize include reaction intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug metabolites and biologically active heterocyclic / organic / peptide compounds.

Synthetic Route Development

We offer innovative design or development of novel synthetic routes. Our highly experienced synthetic experts involved with custom compound synthesis, process research and scale-up are involved in design of feasible synthetic routes that satisfy all requirements. Our team is capable of validation of the process and develop analytical methods and further willing to standardize any newly designed synthetic route which meets the desired requirements. Appropriate experimental conditions and purification procedures will be used at every step of synthetic development. High yields are motivation factors for our synthetic chemists and they take pride in adjusting and improving reaction conditions creatively, reaching the maximum level of success in any given synthetic route.